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Jeremiah 6:22 - 6:26

Mourn the Coming Destroyer

22 Thus says Yahweh,
“Behold, a people is coming from the land of the north,
And a great nation will be aroused from the remote parts of the earth.
They take hold of bow and spear;
They are cruel and have no compassion;
Their voice roars like the sea,
And they ride on horses,
Arranged as a man for the battle
Against you, O daughter of Zion!”
We have heard the report of it;
Our hands are limp.
Distress has taken hold of us,
Pain as of a woman in childbirth.
Do not go out into the field
And do not walk on the road,
For the enemy has a sword;
Terror is on every side.
O daughter of my people, gird yourself with sackcloth
And roll in ashes;
Mourn as for an only son,
A lamentation most bitter.
For suddenly the destroyer
Will come upon us.