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Zephaniah 1:14 - 1:18

Near is the great day of Yahweh,
Near and coming very quickly;
O the sound, the day of Yahweh!
In it the mighty man cries out bitterly.
A day of fury is that day,
A day of trouble and distress,
A day of destruction and desolation,
A day of darkness and thick darkness,
A day of clouds and dense gloom,
A day of trumpet and loud shouting
Against the fortified cities
And the high corner towers.
I will bring distress on men
So that they will walk like the blind
Because they have sinned against Yahweh;
And their blood will be poured out like dust
And their flesh like dung.
Neither their silver nor their gold
Will be able to deliver them
On the day of the fury of Yahweh;
And all the earth will be devoured
In the fire of His jealousy,
For He will make a complete destruction,
Indeed a terrifying one,
Of all the inhabitants of the earth.