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Jeremiah 51:1 - 51:5

Yahweh Sends Calamity to Babylon

Thus says Yahweh:
“Behold, I am going to arouse against Babylon
And against the inhabitants of Leb‑kamai
The spirit of a destroyer.
I will send strangers to Babylon that they may winnow her
And may empty her land to destruction;
For on every side they will be against her
In the day of her calamity.
Let not him who bends his bow bend it,
Nor let him rise up in his scale‑armor;
So do not spare her young men;
Devote all her army to destruction.
They will fall down slain in the land of the Chaldeans,
And pierced through in their streets.”

For neither Israel nor Judah has been widowed
By his God, by Yahweh of hosts,
Although their land is full of guilt
Before the Holy One of Israel.