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Zechariah 10

Yahweh Will Redeem Judah and Israel

Ask rain from Yahweh at the time of the late rain—
Yahweh who makes the storm clouds;
And He will give them showers of rain, the plant in the field to each man.
For the teraphim speak wickedness,
And the diviners behold false visions
And speak worthless dreams;
They comfort in vain.
Therefore the people journey like sheep;
They are afflicted because there is no shepherd.
“My anger burns against the shepherds,
And I will visit punishment upon the male goats;
For Yahweh of hosts has visited His flock, the house of Judah,
And will make them like His splendid horse in battle.
From them will come the cornerstone,
From them the tent peg,
From them the bow of battle,
From them every good taskmaster, all of them together.
And they will be as mighty men,
Treading down the enemy in the mire of the streets in battle;
And they will battle, for Yahweh will be with them;
And the riders on horses will be put to shame.
I will make the house of Judah mighty,
And I will save the house of Joseph,
And I will cause them to return,
Because I have had compassion on them;
And they will be as though I had not rejected them,
For I am Yahweh their God, and I will answer them.
And Ephraim will be like a mighty man,
And their heart will be glad as if from wine;
Indeed, their children will see it and be glad;
Their heart will rejoice in Yahweh.
I will whistle for them to gather them together,
For I have redeemed them;
And they will be as numerous as they were before.
And I will sow them among the peoples,
And they will remember Me in far countries,
And they with their children will live and turn back.
Then I will cause them to return from the land of Egypt
And gather them from Assyria;
And I will bring them into the land of Gilead and Lebanon
Until no room can be found for them.
And they will pass through the sea of distress,
And He will strike the waves in the sea,
So that all the depths of the Nile will dry up;
And the pride of Assyria will be brought down,
And the scepter of Egypt will depart.
And I will make them mighty in Yahweh,
And in His name they will walk,” declares Yahweh.